annie montana golden for adoption





Magicshades Southern Desperado RI BN CGC CCA
Harvestimes Gypsy Rose RN CGC TKN CCA

Harvestimes Annie Oakley

AKC# SS25651901   DOB March 26, 2021
CHIC# 187661
Hip: GR-141274Gf-P-VPI rated Good
Elbow: GR-EL60943F24-P-VPI rated Normal
Heart: GR-ACA9801/29F-VPI rated Normal

Eye: GR-EYE29605/21F-VPI rated Normal

Kennel Location: Montana

Annie lives with a family near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Here’s what they write:  

“Annie is the sweetest goofball you will ever meet! She loves to snuggle up on the couch with a cat or two and one of her humans nearby. She also believes she is a lap dog and will fall asleep on our laps any chance she gets. She greets us in the morning with her favorite toy in her mouth and a happy whine ready to start the day with a game of fetch and few good kisses. She is an incredibly intuitive dog and senses the mood of all and responds accordingly. With 3 teens in our house the emotions run wild and she is there for a snuggle whenever she senses the need. We love having her as part of our family! “


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