Guardian Dog Agreement


At Harvestime Kennel, I have found a solution to raising several dogs and maintaining a breeding business, while providing a Win/Win/Win situation. We place puppies or young dogs into foster homes where they live their lives and visit Harvestime for training, housing while in season, and eventually to whelp their litter.

Win= This allows me to have more time to train my younger dogs and an un-crowded kennel!
Win= A family gets a professionally trained, healthy, cream-of-the-crop dog at very little cost to them, and has many years to enjoy its company!

Win= The dog gets the one-on-one attention it likes best!

This contract is between Harvestime Kennel, _________________, the kennel dog’s owners, and_____________________________, which is the placement home of Harvestimes ________________________

AKC# ____________, Microchip ______________________
Date of Birth: ______________ Call Name : ______

It is agreed and understood that Harvestime Kennel will remain the SOLE owner and the SOLE decision maker for the dog until a permanent ownership transfer is completed. If at any time, Harvestime warrants that the dog is being neglected, abused, or not well cared for, she may remove the dog from the family. This includes providing adequate housing, exercise, weight management, attention, care, and control of the dog. Health care would include regular brushing, nail clipping and keeping a healthy weight At two years of age, the dog should weigh ___, give or take 5 pounds. Dogs must be kept in lean, athletic condition! If weight exceeds ____ the dog may be removed from the home.

Dog food will be provided by Harvestime and the costs will be split 50/50, or a yearly payment of half the food costs is an option. Harvestime will also provide Heartguard and will vaccinate the dogs with Lyme, DHLP, and Bordatella. The family pays for tick/flea treatment if they want it. Any non-emergency veterinarian visits will be authorized with Harvestime prior to making the appointment. If not authorized, the family will assume costs for the veterinarian. Medical costs due to environmental factors such as injury, ingestion of foreign objects, etc., are the responsibility of the family. Any medical costs due to reproduction issues are the responsibility of Harvestime.
Debra will provide free grooming and boarding for the dog. If the family wishes to do this elsewhere, it will be their responsibility. At NO time is the dog to be shaved!

As soon as the female goes into season, at the first sign of blood, she will need to be kenneled at the Harvestime Kennel unless prior arrangements have been made. Harvestime needs to be notified immediately so breeding plans can be finalized. It takes approximately 3 weeks from the first sign of blood until they are no longer able to be bred. If the dog has been bred, she will return back to the family and will remain there until one week prior to whelping (gestation is 63 days). A special food will be provided as well as instruction and support on how to care for her.

One week prior to whelping she will go to Harvestime Kennel to whelp her pups. The family is most welcome to visit and will receive weekly reports through email. After the pups are weaned at 5-6 weeks, the dog will be returned to her family. Note that all females lose their coats considerably about 4-8 weeks after whelping. We will breed four or five litters, usually back to back. If there are 5 litters, Harvestime pays for the spay. Four or fewer litters, the family pays for the spay. Missed breedings do not count as litters.

The dog may be bred up until her 8th birthday, although very unlikely. This determination is the SOLE decision of Harvestime. All costs involved in breeding, as well as all profits, are the sole rights of Harvestime Kennel. After breeding is finished, sole ownership will be given, at no cost, to the family. At that point, all costs related to the dog (medical, food, vaccinations, etc) are the sole responsibility of the family. It is Mandatory that the dog be spayed or neutered at that time. No breeding is allowed by the family.

If major medical costs are involved, prior to transfer of placement, such as the dog being diagnosed with cancer, rare diseases, etc. Harvestime will contribute a maximum of $4000 towards care.
If the Kennel Owner becomes disabled or dies, breeding rights are transferred to her children for up to three more litters.

If the dog is lost or dies while in the family’s care, Harvestime will take no action unless gross neglect is apparent. If the family relocates more than 2 hours from Harvestime Kennel the family will share in travel responsibility, or the dog will be returned to Harvestime. If, at any time, under any circumstances, the family no longer wishes to have the dog, the dog can be returned to Harvestime.

Harvestime will pay up to $200 for training classes for the dog. Any more is the responsibility of the foster family. Around 6-8 months, the dog will need to spend two months of partial weeks at Harvestime Kennel while they do training for competition. Harvestime pays for all show entries.

Special Conditions: 

We have read, understand, and agree to the above conditions:

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