Guardian Home

Some of our Harvestime dogs/puppies are placed in approved guardian homes. Implementing a guardian program allows some of our dogs to live one-on-one with a family while participating in our breeding program. This ensures all of our dogs get all of their desires met! The Guardian family will love and care for the dog and will give them a permanent home after they retire. This is a great opportunity to raise one of our “pick of the litter” puppies!

At two years of age, we will fully health test the dog and determine if we are going to breed her. If she does not pass all health testing or, due to another reason we elect not to breed, the dog will be spayed and full ownership will be given to the guardian family. If we decide she fits our breeding program, we will breed her for a total of 4-5 litters, then she will be spayed and released to the guardian family.

We realize guardian families have a tremendous sacrifice to make, given the female breeding dog must be returned to us to be bred, deliver, and wean her babies before being returned back to the guardians. A week prior to delivery, the Guardian dog will come to stay with us will be returned once her pups are fully weaned. We encourage you to visit us while your dog is staying with us. We hope our guardian families will come to think of us as extended families!

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