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We are a professional kennel that specializes only in Golden Retrievers. Harvestime kennels is a family-owned business encompassing FOUR separate kennels. We are able to share our best breeding dogs with one-another with honest, open assessments to optimize health, temperament, and quality. This provides our customers with the unique opportunity to access FOUR Harvestime family kennels: increasing your choices and minimizing wait time!

The Rosas family started their small kennel in 2008 in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Rene and I both grew up caring for animals. I raised puppies with my mom and started showing my dog Lily when I was 11 in obedience and agility. We earned our CD title when I was 13. Rene grew up in Mexico helping on his family’s farm. Together we enjoy caring for a few litters of puppies each year, along with our children, Celia (15) and Angie (12). Celia has started to compete and breed with her own dog (Poppins) and is carrying on the Harvestime tradition!

Our attached garage has two heated and air-conditioned whelping rooms with dog doors going out into a fenced in area of the yard. We monitor pups using video and audio in our house and of course, we are also out with the puppies multiple times every day.

The Minnesota and Wisconsin kennels use the same breeding males and also use the same litter reservation list. People getting a puppy from our kennel have the choice to either pick up at our Apple Valley MN home or at the Fox Cities Kennel in Wisconsin.


Minnesota Females

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We are an AKC Breeder of Merit

Golden Retrievers from Harvestime Kennel are bred from top show and performance lines. Our pedigrees are 75% Champion and 100% Kennel Lines. Our top-quality pups come from years of knowledgeable breeders breeding Golden Retrievers that should be bred.

We have 35+ years of breeding experience and are into our 7th generation of Golden Retrievers here at Harvestime Kennel. As responsible breeders, ALL of our TITLED adult dogs have hip, eye, heart and elbow clearances and genetic testing, as well as past generations!

Our goal is to produce healthy Golden Retrievers that are intelligent, structurally correct, beautiful and with a calm temperament well suited to families, therapy and service work.

Please explore our site and see why we earned the AKC Breeder of Merit Award!

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