CH Leongolden’s Dancing with the Stars @ Sharmik Harvestimes Amazing Journey RN CGC CCA

Intl CH Harvestimes Right on Target RN BCAT DN CGC TKI FITB VSWB ACT 1J

AKC# SS19892001 DOB June 26, 2020
Hip: GR-138722G26M-P-VPI rated Good
Elbow: GR-EL58331M26-P-VPI rated Normal
Heart: GR-BCA2631/14M/C-VPI
Eye: GR-EYE25562/15M-VPI Normal w/ Breeder Option (last exam 9-01-2023)

Kennel Location: Montana

Archer’s Family Writes:

Archer is the first dog our family has owned since our kids were born. I had always been a cat person, but last year our son begged us for a dog. Archer has completely won me over to the “Team Dog” as my son says. Archer is playful, easy going and super sweet. As he’s growing up he’s becoming more of an adventure partner for all of us. The kids take him walking on neighborhood trails, he floats the rivers every summer weekend and has even ventured out hunting a few times with my husband – hopefully we’ll get a bit more training with that this fall now that he’s old enough. He gets along great with my parents’ elderly black Lab, our ornery old tabby cat and the next door neighbors’ one year old rambunctious puppy. My son recently asked if Archer knows he’s a dog or if he thinks he’s one of us. I definitely think he thinks he’s one of the family and we feel the same!


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