CH Leongolden’s Dancing With The Stars @ Sharmik Harvestimes Amazing Journey CGC RN CCA

Harvestimes Glorious Waymaker of the Maize RN CGC TDN

AKC# SS19892005 DOB June 26, 2020
Hip: GR-137882G24F-P-VPI rated “Good”
Elbow: GR-EL57498F24-P-VPI rated “Normal”
Heart: GR-BCA2040/12F/C-VPI “Normal”
Eye: GR-EYE23977/12F-VPI “Normal” (last exam 5-17-23)
CHIC# 172334

Kennel Location: Fox Cities Wisconsin

Gloria is part of the Menasha kennel’s breeding program. She is a smart, athletic pup that lives with the Doszak family in Appleton. Rylan is her BEST friend!! Here is what they have to say:

“Gloria is part of the Doszak family in Kaukauna, WI, and is unlike any dog we have ever had. She is so eager to please and just LOVES to be loved. Anytime I work from home she sleeps under my chair, and if anyone even considers sitting down in our home, they better expect some snuggles from Gloria. We have also never had a dog that my 9 year old son can take, train, and walk all on his own because she is so obedient, easy to train, and calm. Our son loves spending time with her and can’t get enough cuddling. Every morning when he gets up and sits on the couch, she plops down right on top of him. Gloria’s best friend is our adopted dog, Layla. They do everything together- they love to roll around and wrestle, run laps in our backyard, go on walks together, and chase tennis balls. They even share the same water bowl- despite my best efforts to give them each their own!

We are a very active family, and Gloria always wants to be involved. She loves camping with us in Door County, car rides to basically anywhere (especially Starbucks for pup cups), and she drops her brother Rylan off at school every single day. All of the teachers on the playground loved seeing her grow up. No one can pass by her without telling us how gorgeous she is. There are several Fed Ex drivers that can’t leave our house after dropping off a package, without getting some love from Gloria.

Gloria is quite literally the sweetest dog I have ever met. We are so thankful that she has joined our family and brings happiness to each and every one of us in her own way. We joke that she is never in a bad mood, she’s ALWAYS wagging her tail. No matter what she is doing, her tail is wagging. And tail wagging for Gloria is a WHOLE body experience- she just radiates happiness.”


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