Schenck N Sharmik’s Last Call BISS
Harvestimes Carlisle River RN CGC TKN

Harvestimes Honeysuckle of Carlisle Peak RN TKN

AKC# SS28866202 DOB August 18, 2021
Hip: GR-142933G24F-P-VPI rated Good
Elbow: GR-EL62667F24-P-VPI Normal
Heart: GR-ACA8792/14F-VPI Normal
Eye: GR-EYE28418/24-VPI rated Normal (last exam 9-1-23)

Kennel Location: Fox Cities Wisconsin

Honey took her first breath the day his great-grandpa, Peak, took his last. He is named in Peaks’ honor. Honey lives with the Dobish family in Oshkosh. Here is what they have to say about their Honey:

“Our Honey is as sweet as her name implies, with an affectionate personality and heart of gold. She is a faithful companion following us around the house, hopeful that there is play time, some petting or a snack coming her way. Other than eating, her favorite activity is our daily walk. Not only does she draw attention (even people driving by can’t help but look at her lovingly) but she gets to eat sticks! Back when we took puppy training classes she learned many commands so she is a well behaved walker.

Honey is our first Golden Retriever and we feel so lucky to be her guardian home. Working with Harvestime Kennels has been wonderful and we look forward to having more Harvestime pups in the future!”


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