Am CH Hyline Tatsthway Ahuh Ilikit OS X Harvestimes What a Doosey THD RN CGC CCA

UKC CH Harvestimes Justice of a Reignmaker ThDA RN CCA CGC
Therapy Dog Certified- Therapy Dog Advanced- over 200 visits!
(KC X Doosey)

DOB May 2, 2009- July 20, 2020 (died of unspecified cancer at age 11)
CHIC# 73854
Hips: “Good” GR-103402G24M-VPI
Elbows: Normal GR-EL24512M24-VPI
Heart: Normal Gr-CA18103/12M/C-VPI
Eyes: Pass GR-43887 GR-EYE6362/80M-VPI (last exam 5-16-2017)

Justice is sire to: Sky, Hope, Jazz, Nugget, Misty, Rumor, Summit, and Hazel

Justice is a med/light, moderate boned male with excellent pigment, good bite and exceptionally nice structure and movement. He weighs 82 pounds. He easily passed his CCA (Conformation Certificate Assessment) and well as placing in the top dogs while earning his Rally Title. Justice recently began competing in UKC Conformation and got Best of Breed his first day out! He finished his title in 2 weekends! 

He is Champion sired by “KC”, Hyline Tatstheway Ahuh Ilikit, and his dam is our Doosey, who has repeatedly produced very healthy pups with easy train-ability and wonderful dispositions! He is sweet and rather mellow but clearly has a passion for tennis balls, water and pretty girls! Justice just passed his Therapy Dog testing with flying colors and will earn his title in 2014!
Justice recently moved in with the Hess family in Freedom, WI. This is what they have to say:

“Justice came to live with us in August of 2012. He immediately won Denise and me over with his regal appearance and calm/loving demeanor. After living in our home for a few months, I realized that I now had the “sidekick” to pursue my longtime dream of having the “perfect dog” to share with others through the therapy dog programs at local hospitals, elementary schools and other care facilities.

Justice’s training and certification began in July of 2013. Justice was observed in three separate occasions in actual locations where therapy work would be done. Justice passed with flying colors and is now certified by Therapy Dogs Inc! Justice earned his AKC Therapy Dog Title in 2-16.
The therapy visits have been so rewarding to both of us! The look upon the faces of people as Justice interacts with them is, to coin a phrase, ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! Even if for a brief moment, their troubles fade away and it is replaced with a child-like joy. Justice is a favorite in the children’s reading program as he lays his big, blocky head in their laps while they read.

Recently my mom was taken by pancreatic cancer. In her pre-cancer time, she and Justice had become very attached to each other. What a blessing to see the joy in my mom’s face as she received visits from her own personal therapy dog during her final days! Even when thought to be unresponsive, when her hand was placed on Justice’s big, fuzzy head, her fingers would start to move in a gentle caressing motion! Both of them just seemed “to know”! I was so thankful to observe first-hand the blessing of a therapy dog.

Justice, in such a short time, has touched the hearts of so many people and children, whether it be in hospitals, nursing homes or school reading programs. To be entrusted with such a wonderful dog is an honor and a privilege that Denise and I cherish immensely! Thank you to Deb at Harvestime Kennel for your dedication and commitment to provide such great dogs!”

On 7-10-13, I received this: “Good Morning! Just a note to let you know you are now the owner of another certified therapy dog!!!! Denise and I are so very proud and honored to be the keepers of such a fantastic young man!! If only you could see how the blank looks on the residents faces turns to smiles when ( the new sheriff in town, Justice ) makes his presence known. What a blessing he will be to the service!!!!! The certifier, Molly Johnson remarked that Justice was one of the most perfect temperament dogs she has crossed paths with in a long while “
On 3-7-18 I received this note: “Deb, again, I have to tell you what an amazing dog Justice truly is! The staff in the school’s special needs group are utilizing Justice to get these frightened little kids to trust, open up to, and above all, love something that originally was quite scary to them! Seriously though, I’m not sure who is benefiting more, the kids, Justice, or me. Picture this…. six non-communicative kids all huddled around Justice…. each one hugging, petting, playing with his ears, etc., and you guessed it, Justice’s tail wagging a mile a minute. He sits in the middle of this special circle giving attention to each and every one of them, and yes, LOVING every moment of it !!!! It is so rewarding to see your Justice being a factor in these kid’s lives!!!!!”


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