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Harvestimes Lily Pads RN CGC CCA

Harvestimes Moonlight Lily RN CGC TKN
Nike X Lily

AKC# SS17191103 DOB January 14, 2020
Hip: GR-137881G29F-VPI rated Good
Elbow: GR-EL57497F29-P-VPI rated Normal
Heart: GR-BCA891/12FC-VPI
Eye: GR-EYE22609/13F-VPI Normal (last exam 5/10/23)
CHIC# 172333

Kennel Location: Lakewood Northern Wisconsin

Luna lives at our Lakewood kennel and is part of the family, along with our other dog, Lita. She is a very smart pup and was already hunting before her first birthday!

Luna is my 11 year old son, Landyn’s dog. We call her Luna Bear, because she’s like a big soft teddy bear! Luna is a big lover, she has such a sweet, soft temperament and will snuggle with you any time of the day. She loves playing ball whether on land or in the water. She will swim for hours on end if you let her! Landyn loves training, swimming, playing ball, and going for bike rides with her. Luna loves greeting people everywhere we go, she is loved and adored by everyone and we couldn’t be happier that she is apart of our family! This pup can turn it on and off easily. Luna accompanies Lita for duck hunting and is catching on fast!”


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