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Harvestimes Carlisle River RN CGC TKN

Harvestimes Montana Ruby River

AKC# SS28866203 DOB August 18, 2021
CHIC# 187662
Hip: GR-14208G24F-P-VPI rated Good
Elbow: GR-EL62544F24-P-VPI rated Normal
Heart: GR-ACA9802/24F-VPI rated Normal
Eye: GR-EYE29606/16F-VPI rated Normal

Kennel Location: Montana

Ruby took her first breath the day her great-grandpa, Peak, took his last. She is named in Peaks’ honor. Ruby lives in Montana.

Ruby’s Family writes:

“From the moment we brought Ruby home from Harvestime she immediately stole our hearts and became a permanent part of the family. Ruby joined our family around Christmas time, and all our family joked that she looked like the perfect puppy that pops out of the present in commercials. From day one, Ruby has been nothing but perfect in her manners. She crate trained almost immediately and potty training was so easy we were worried we were missing something. Ruby’s temperament has always been the classic golden retriever mentality of wanting to please us no matter the situation. Her only vice is that she loves attention. Strangers walking by our house need to be weary of her charging in to get love and attention. She has been trained professionally and the trainers were amazed at how fast she picked things up. She basically needed to be shown something once, and immediately caught on to what the command meant.

Living in Big Sky, Ruby is fully content lounging around the house on those cold winter days soaking in the warm fire. On those beautiful summer mornings Ruby’s favorite thing to do is run through the wild grasses and let the morning dew soak her from head to paw. She is a companion and a guardian for our two younger girls. When they are playing outside Ruby will stay by their side and join in the fun, always keeping a watchful eye. Barking is not her strong point, and we had to train her to use a bell to alert us when she needed to go outside. Ruby is that fun friend that you always want to bring with you wherever you go. She is always happy to enjoy whatever activity we are doing with a smile. Her calm quite demeanor is deceiving of the fun loving dog that she can be.”


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