Magicshades Southern Desperado BN RI CGC FDC CCA

Harvestime’s Dollar and Scents RN CGC TKN

Harvestime Pennys Sola Rae CGC TKN
(Gaucho X Penny)

AKC#SS27699114 DOB June 15, 2021
Hips: GR-142950G26F-P-VPI rated Good
Elbows: GR-EL62680F26-P-VPI rated Normal
Heart: GR-ACA8795/16F-VPI rated Normal
Eye: GR-EYE28908/26F-VPI Normal (last exam 9-12-23)

Kennel Location: Lakewood Northern Wisconsin

Sola lives with Larry Westphal. Here is what he writes: Having grown up with Goldens for 60 years, having one or more in the house is a necessity. Sola sure fits the bill as a great member of the family. My last 4 Goldens all came from premium bloodlines, Sola is my first Harvestime Golden and my best looking one yet.

Sola has all the typical Golden traits, overly friendly, loves car rides, hiking in the woods, swimming in the lake, retrieving , playing with other dogs and everything else. Sola has a stealthy mode where she ends up asleep at your feet and you never realized how she got there.

Sola was an extremely energetic dynamo her first year, and is now beginning to settle down. She is pretty fearless, smart and figures things out really quick. Just pick up the vehicle keys and she is camped at the door waiting for her invite to go for a ride. Once down the road a bit, she is content to sleep her way to our destination. Sola gets to be a real couch cuddler in the evening after a day of fun and hiking.
Be prepared to respond to many compliments, Sola is a gorgeous female, and you won’t find a happier dog.


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