Harvestimes Gypsy Rose RN CGC TKN CCA

Harvestime’s Taylor Made Gypsy RN CGC TKN
Revere- Gypsy

AKC# SS18197002 DOB April 3,2020
Hip: GR-136902G24F-P-VPI rated Good
Elbow: GR-EL56527F24-P-VPI rated Normal
Heart: GR-BCA1364/12F/C-VPI
Eye: GR-EYE23425/13F-VPI Normal (last exam 5-17-23)
CHIC# 169044

Kennel Location: Fox Cities Wisconsin

Taylor is part of the Menasha kennel. She lives with the Garbe family in Menasha along with her two Newfoundland buddies! Here is what they write about this super special pooch!

“From the moment we first met Taylor she stole our hearts. Her personality is amazing. She is very inquisitive and loves to learn new things. She is our first Golden Retriever and both my husband and I now understand why people rave about how wonderful they are! We also have two Newfoundlands named Oz and Phoebe. Oz wasn’t sure what to make of the curious new baby at first and just hid from her. He now sneaks her little kisses and shares his toys with her… but only if no one is looking! Phoebe was immediately smitten and took Taylor under her wing. They will play for hours. After saying goodbye to my “Heart dog” a few months before, I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I can now say that Taylor was exactly what I needed to fill the void in my heart.

At 19 months old, Taylor has yet to meet someone she doesn’t like. She has the biggest smile for anyone she comes into contact with. She loves to watch squirrels, bunnies and birds out the windows while making the cutest little soft hums. The only time she ever barks is if she is doing zoomies in the backyard and the Newfs won’t join in. (Which doesn’t work to coax them as that would require effort on their part). She loves to cuddle at bedtime or anytime my husband is relaxing in his recliner. Taylor is a super smart girl and learns things quickly. She had her CGC, Rally Novice and Tricks Novice Titles before she turned a year old. We are currently training in Scent Work, which she seems to love. Anytime we take her somewhere we are constantly stopped so people can tell us how beautiful she is and ask where we got her. She enjoys going to my office with me and taking on the role of “Official Greeter” because she is convinced that everyone just came to see her. Taylor’s beauty, temperament and intelligence are true testaments to Harvestime Kennel’s commitment to the breed. Of ALL my dogs, Taylor has the craziest submissive grin I have ever seen, as you can see in her photos!

Taylor’s take on life at the Garbe’s:

Hello humans! Mine name’s is Taylor! Sumtimes my Mahms and Daddio call me Tatortot, Tot, Cheeks, Baby and another word dat I can’t repeat! (Dats only when i’s being sassy pants and messing up da human bed to make it more comfortable for me.) It’s a hecken good time living here. I gots really big broffer and Seester. I think they are called Newfounddummies or maybe it’s Newfoundslowpokes…sumfin like dat. They not nearly as fast as me. I runs circles around dem big hairy beasts!! They ok though cause they halp me chase the trespassing critters away dat come in our yard and they share toys wiff me. I gots my own pillow on the human bed and my daddio lets me sit on his lap in his big fancy chair to snuggle and watch TV. Dats about all I can think of now. Plus my BFF Purple Dino Stuffy just gave me da stink eye so I gotta go give him a talk’n to followed by a nappy.”


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