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Nocchi Sire: Bernie Harvestime Bernie BrewerDam: Journey Harvestimes Cross Country Journey RN CCA CGC NocchiHarvestime Prize Winning Gnocchi RN CCA CGCAKC#SR91270802Bernie X Journey Deceember 30, 2015CHIC# 127022Hips: GR-121300G24F – VPI Rated GoodElbows: GR-EL40967F24-VPI Rated NormalEyes: GR-EYE12093/24F-PI Clear Heart: GR-CA31727/15F/C-VPI Normal Gallery   Nocchi is mother to Poppins, Denali and Penny Nocchi is a sweet, beautiful and […]

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TULSA Sire: Lambert AM CH Osprey’s Glamour BoyDam: Nugget Harvestimes Montana Gold Mine RN CGC CCA TULSAHarvestime Nuggets of Tulsa Time CGC RN(Chase X Nugget) AKC# SS00018203 DOB 06/21/2017CHIC# 141264Hips: GR-126263G24F-VPI rated GoodElbow: GR-EL45850F-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA269/12F-VPI Rated NormalEye: GR-EYE15202/12F-PI Normal (last exam 9-13-2021) Tulsa is a BEAUTIFUL, sweet, stable, versatile dog with a medium

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RIVER Sire: Peak AKC UKC CH Sharmik’s Paradise @ Harvestime RN CGCDam: Jazz Harvestimes Classical Jazz RN CGC CCA RIVERHarvestimes A River Runs Through IT RN CGC CCAAKC#SR86245201Jazz X Peak January 1, 2015CHIC# 118797Hips: GR-118089G24F-VPI Rated GoodElbows: GR-EL37933F24-VPI Rated NormalEyes: GR-EYE9151/12F-PI Clear (last exam 5-14-20)Heart: GR-CA29611/12F/C-VPI Normal River is mother to: Carlie, Cassie, Blaze, Jersey

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PEAK UKC AKC CH Sharmik’s Paradise @ Harvestime RN CGC THDXCertified Therapy Dog- Therapy Dog Excellent- over 200 visits! (Ocean X Neon) BIS BISS BVISS Am GRCH Rush Hill’s All Fools on Deck SDHF OS X UKC CH St. Andrew’s Riveria Splash @ Sharmik AKC#SR67941002 DOB 5/21/11- 8/18/2021 cause of death-LymphomaCHIC# 91939Hips: “Good” GR-108965G26M-VPIElbows: “Normal”

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PEACHES Kismets Harvestime Peach CD (Ch pointed) BISS Am CH Brae Lea King of the Road OS X Randalee Dream About Katie AKC#SN35072905 May 27,1996 died March 19, 2010 age 14 3/4 years Clearances: Hips: GR-61696G26F–I (rated Good) Heart: GR-CA2385/42F/C-T (normal) Eye: GR-17935 (normal) Peaches is the foundation bitch of Harvestime Kennel. Her personality, intelligence,

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NUGGET Sire: Justice UKC Ch Harvestimes Justice of a Reignmaker RN CGC CCA THDA Dam: Lucy Harvestimes Lucy in the Sky RN CGC CCA NUGGET Harvestimes Montana Gold Mine RN CCA CGC (Justice X Lucy) AKC#SR82763701 DOB May 21, 2014 CHIC# 114124 Hips: GR-11644G24F-VPI “Good” Elbows: GR-EL36415F24-VPI “Normal” Heart: GR-CA29607/19F/C-VPI Clear Eyes: GR-EYE9144/19F-PI Pass (last

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MAIZEE Sire: Bravo Harvestimes One Slick Encore RN CGC CCA THDEDam: Journey Harvestimes Cross Country Journey RN CGC CCA MaizeeHarvestimes Amazing Journey RN CGC CCA(Bravo X Journey)AKC# SR94964901 DOB 08/28/2016CHIC# 133575Hips: GR-123476G24F-VPI rated GoodElbow: GR-EL43115F24-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA1614/13F-VPI rated NormalEye: GR-EYE1359/16F-PI Pass (last exam 2/25/21) Maizee is mother to: Hazel, Archer, Beacon, Gloria, Xenia and

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LUCY (Montana)

LUCY Sire: Timber Cameo’s Harvest Moon RN CGC CCA Dam: Fuzz Harvestimes Peach Fuzz CD RA CCA CGC THD Harvestimes Lucy in the Sky CCA CGC (Timber X Fuzz) CHIC #97073 AKC#SR58653101 DOB: August 27, 2009-Sept 4, 2022 (old age) Hips: Good: GR104263G24F-VPI Good Elbows: Normal; GR-EL25273F24-VPI Eyes: Pass, GR-EYE4287/55F-VPI last exam 4/17/14 Lucy is

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LILY Sire: Lambert AM CH Osprey’s Glamour BoyDam: Nugget Harvestimes Montana Gold Mine RN CGC CCA Harvestimes Lily Pads RN CGC CCANugget X LambertSS0008201 DOB 06/21/2017CHIC#143958Hips: GR-126980G26F-PI rated GoodElbows: GR-EL46581F26-PI rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA2689/12F-VPI rated normalEyes: GR-EYE152015/12F-VPI Normal (last exam 5-25-2022) Lily is mother to: Brindi, Luna, Trapper and Marvel. Lily is a medium boned, medium/light

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JUSTICE Am CH Hyline Tatsthway Ahuh Ilikit OS X Harvestimes What a Doosey THD RN CGC CCA UKC CH Harvestimes Justice of a Reignmaker ThDA RN CCA CGCTherapy Dog Certified- Therapy Dog Advanced- over 200 visits!(KC X Doosey) AKC#SR56125801 DOB May 2, 2009- July 20, 2020 (died of unspecified cancer at age 11)CHIC# 73854Hips: “Good”

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