Montana Golden Retrievers


HUNTER Sire: Justice Dam: Breeze UKC CH Harvestimes Justice of a Reignmaker RN CGC CCA THDAHarvestimes Autumn Breeze RN CGC CCA HUNTERHarvestime Montana Big Game Hunter RN RI CCA CGC TDN ACT1(Justice X Breeze)AKC# SR95461401 DOB 9/24/2016CHIC# 135647Hips: GR-123724G24M-VPI rated GoodElbow: GR-EL43366M24-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA3360/24M-VPI rated NormalEye: GR-EYE14687-47M-VPI Normal (last exam 9-25-2021) Kennel Location: Montana […]

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BRICK Sire: Seger Dam: Phoebe GCH CH Sunswept & Chatham’s Fire Lake DN CGCMagicshades Shine the Light BRICKIntl CH Magicshades Yellow Brick Road BCAT, CGC, TKI, RN, DN, VSWB, FITB AKC# SS29548501 DOB October 9, 2021CHIC#189945Hip:  GR-143671G25M-P-VPI  rated GoodElbow: GR-EL63426M25-P-VPI  rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA9671/21M-VPI NormalEye: GR-EYE29607/14M-VPI Normal (last exam 9/1/2023) Kennel Location: Montana Brick is a

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ARCHER Sire: Mambo Dam: Maizee CH Leongolden’s Dancing with the Stars @ Sharmik Harvestimes Amazing Journey RN CGC CCA ArcherIntl CH Harvestimes Right on Target RN BCAT DN CGC TKI FITB VSWB ACT 1JMambo-Maziee AKC# SS19892001 DOB June 26, 2020CHIC#174772Hip: GR-138722G26M-P-VPI rated GoodElbow: GR-EL58331M26-P-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-BCA2631/14M/C-VPIEye: GR-EYE25562/15M-VPI Normal w/ Breeder Option (last exam 9-01-2023)

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RUBY Sire: Shooter Dam: Carlie CH Schenck N Sharmik’s Last Call BISSHarvestimes Carlisle River RN CGC TKN RUBYHarvestimes Montana Ruby River AKC# SS28866203 DOB August 18, 2021CHIC# 187662Hip: GR-14208G24F-P-VPI rated GoodElbow: GR-EL62544F24-P-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA9802/24F-VPI rated NormalEye: GR-EYE29606/16F-VPI rated Normal Kennel Location: Montana Ruby took her first breath the day her great-grandpa, Peak, took his

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KARMA Sire: Mambo Dam: Maizee BISS GCH. CH. Leongolden’s Dancing With The Stars @ Sharmik Harvestimes Amazing Journey CGC RN CCA KARMA  Harvestimes Amazing KarmaMambo-Maziee AKC#SS19892004 DOB June 26, 2020​CHIC# 173573Hip: GR-138291G25F-VPI (rated Good)Elbow: GR-EL57904F25-P-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-BCA2530/14F/C-VPI rated NormalEye: GR-EYE25462/15F-VPI rated Normal w/ Breeder Option (last exam 11-22-2022) Kennel Location: Montana Karma is part

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JUNE Sire: Hunter Dam: Blue Harvestime Montana Big Game Hunter RI ACT1 CCA CGC TKN Harvestime Montana Rhythm and Blues RN TKN JUNEHarvestimes Rocky Mountain Juniper AKC# SS25356001 DOB 02/11/2021CHIC# 187660Hips: GR-140320G24V-P-VPI rated GoodElbow: GR-EL59990F24-P-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA9799/30F-VPI rated NormalEye: GR-EYE29603/22F-VPI Normal W/ Breeder Option (Last exam 12-30-22) Kennel Location: Montana June makes her home

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BISCUIT Sire: Bennit Dam: Lily Sharmik’s Ben There Done That RI BN CCA TDN CGC DCAT RATO X Harvestimes Lily Pads CGC RN CCA BISCUITHarvestimes Lily White Biscuit AKC# SS25664901 DOB March 20, 2021CHIC#Hip: OFA PreLim GoodElbow: OFA PreLim NormalHeart: GR-ACA9800/29F-VPI rated NormalEye: GR-EYE29604/21F-VPI rated Normal (Last exam 1-10-23) Kennel Location: Montana Biscuit makes her

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ANNIE Sire: Gaucho Dam: Gypsy Magicshades Southern Desperado RI BN CGC CCAHarvestimes Gypsy Rose RN CGC TKN CCA ANNIEHarvestimes Annie Oakley AKC# SS25651901   DOB March 26, 2021CHIC# 187661Hip: GR-141274Gf-P-VPI rated GoodElbow: GR-EL60943F24-P-VPI rated NormalHeart: GR-ACA9801/29F-VPI rated NormalEye: GR-EYE29605/21F-VPI rated Normal Kennel Location: Montana Annie lives with a family near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  They have

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